15 September 2020
RDA Activities & The Rule of Six

RDA activities are unaffected by the rule of six as confirmed by Horse Scotland (part of Sportscotland) on the 14th Sep 20. 

The link below will take you to the complete document on MyRDA which is updated by the NO team as soon as information is received. 


The two key points are:

Each group should nominate a Covid Officer.  Many of you are already a good way down the road to completing all the necessary tasks.  There is guidance on the role provided on MyRDA, Getting Started. 

The dispensation from SportScotland, provided for a participant with a disability who required functional support (I read this to be mounting/dismounting etc) to enable their participation in physical activity and sport can be provided without maintaining physical distancing but additional mitigating actions (masks, gloves, avoiding eye contact, minimum contact etc) must be implemented.

Please do keep checking MyRDA, Getting Started as it is being regularly updated 

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