06 September 2021
Horsescotland Update

➡️Covid 19 Guidance Update 03/09/2021

Some time has now passed since we have had our Equestrian Guidance reviewed by sportscotland, and to a large extent this shows the progression that has been made in mitigating transmission of the virus and the success of restrictions still in place.

However, it has been reiterated by Scottish Government that we all need to continue to play our own part in ensuring we do not return to greater restriction or further lockdowns - the impact of which could be economically huge, both within our equestrian community, and within wider society. 

Covid-19 will need to be managed for the foreseeable future and the importance of continuing to adhere to a number of baseline measures will significantly reduce the risk of reintroduction of greater restrictions.

As we approach autumn, we are reminded of mitigation measures that remain important:

❇️Hand hygiene: Regular washing of hands and the continued use of hand sanitiser should at all times be promoted.
❇️Face coverings: The requirement to wear face coverings in some indoor settings remains in place.
❇️Test & Protect: The Test and Protect system will remain in place to support contact tracing. Twice weekly self testing is recommended, even for those without symptoms.
❇️Local outbreak management: Scottish Government retains the option of implementing local measures and travel restrictions to manage local outbreaks.
❇️Events: The process for approving large-scale events will remain in place, with approval required from Local Authorities for events of over 5,000 people outdoors or over 2,000 people indoors.
❇️Guidance: Businesses will be offered guidance on areas such as ventilation and hygiene to reduce the risk of transmission. The public are still being advised to keep a safe distance, especially indoors, from people in other households and avoid crowded places to minimise risk.

Although many aspects of equestrian activity have resumed, we must all continue to play our part in ensuring that sporting activity leads by example and that collectively we promote and encourage the benefits of the above mitigation measures at every opportunity.

Please help us to ensure that the Scottish Equestrian Community plays its part.

Grant Turnbull
horsescotland Chair

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