19 January 2022
HorseScotland Update

HorseScotland Covid 19 Guidance Update 19/1/2021

Temporary Restrictions - the remaining guidance that was introduced on 26th December will be lifted on Monday 24th January which means that 

🔹Adult indoor contact sport can resume
🔹Indoor live event audiences can return
🔹The 1m physical distancing requirement between groups in indoor public places will no longer be required.

🔹Indoor and Outdoor events with attendances of greater than 1000 - there is a requirement to check the COVID certification of at least 50% of the attendees or 1000 people, whichever is greater.

🔹Baseline measures - the mitigation measures that were put in place before Omicron and being retained and will not be extended, at this time, to other premises. However this will be reconsidered if the situation changes. These measures include the use of face coverings in all indoor public places.

🔹Working from home - this advice remains to continue to ask people to work from home where possible and for employers to facilitate where possible.

🔹Social Contact - the public are being asked to keep gatherings as small as circumstances will allow until, at least, the end of January.

🔹Self isolation and Testing - these remain unchanged.

We are hopeful that all equestrian activities as we've known in the past will be able to return to normal this spring and summer.  We know some will want to get going as soon as possible and there will also be many who will want to move forward more slowly. Whichever path you choose to take, please continue to follow the guidance and be kind to each other.

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