01 May 2022
National Office Update

Dear RDA UK volunteers and staff,

I’m sure you’re all busy with the Regional Qualifiers coming up, and I look forward to hearing about these and seeing the results.

Co-op Grant opportunity (3-28 May)

RDA groups can apply for Co-op Funding and benefit from the support of the Co-op and their community. They are looking for community projects that improve people's mental health and wellbeing or provide opportunities for young people. Applications will open from the start of next week. To find out more visit https://causes.coop.co.uk (the information and application forms will be live from 3rd May). Please can you share this opportunity with your groups.

If you have any questions or would like to find out about more about the different funding routes at the Co-op, please contact Clare Prysbet cprysbet@rda.org.uk


Co-op ‘Co-operate’ Platform

Co-operate is a free online tool offered by the Co-op and acts as a community centre. It’s easy to register and can benefit groups whether or not they are a Local Community Fund Partner. It may be useful for groups that are looking for volunteers or resources, or just want to shout about the great work they’re doing. More information can be found here: https://co-operate.coop.co.uk/add-your-activity-or-group/


Equine Vaccinations at National Championships

Please can you remind groups that are competing at the National Championships of the Equine Flu Vaccine requirements for 2022. Requirements can be found on the Equine page of MyRDA: https://www.myrda.org.uk/runningyourgroup/horses-and-rda/  

Our RDA Honorary Vet Nick Hart is happy to check passports before Championships. Groups will need to email a clear image of ALL vaccine pages to vet.rda@gmail.com. He also advises that if a horse needs a restart of vaccines the absolute latest date that a horse could be re-started is 18th June. They would then need to have the second injection on 8th July (21 days later), which is 7 days before arriving at Hartpury (assuming arrival is on the 15 July). 


Endurance at National Championships

This year we will be offering more Endurance classes at the National Championships. The qualification process is as follows:

• 1km is a led class and anyone can enter – no need to qualify

• 2km is a led or unled class and by nomination only

• 3km is a led or unled class and by nomination only

• 5km is an unled class and by nomination only by the Regional or County Coach.

It would be great to have more groups taking part in Endurance. The 2022 Endurance League has started and is a great place for participants to start practising for the Championships. More information can be found here: https://www.myrda.org.uk/runningyourgroup/endurance/


Equine Knowledge E-learning Course

Our Equine Knowledge e-learning course has been taken down until further notice for updating. Once the course is live again, we will let you know.


British Horse Council Equine Passport Survey.

The British Horse Council would like horse owner’s views on equine passports and microchips to help inform our response to the Defra consultation Improvements to Equine Identification and Traceability in England. The survey is for those living in the UK, completely anonymous and should take around 6-10 minutes to complete. It will close on Friday 20th May 2022.

Survey Link: https://www.smartsurvey.co.uk/s/HORSEPASSPORTS/


The Great Horses for Health Event 2022 (19th July – 28 August)

For those interested, The Great Horses for Health Event is back. This is a fundraising event and are kindly donating a portion of their proceeds to the RDA again. Find out more here: https://www.horses4health.co.uk/

You can also join their Facebook group here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1399636837047873


Best wishes,


Brigitta Falcini

Communications Coordinator

Riding for the Disabled Association

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