19 November 2020National Office Update

National Office Update 

Dear RDA UK staff and volunteers,

I’m sorry to share the sad news that Pat Burgess, Founder of Wilton RDA, has sadly passed away. Pat was a much-loved figure throughout RDA, especially of course at her group and in the region. Described as a ‘powerhouse’ of a person, Pat said she ran Wilton on ‘love, joy and enthusiasm’. We could all do with a bit more of that at the moment, and Pat will be sadly missed.

You can read more about Pat here www.rdawilton.co.uk/calendar-news-events/pat-burgess


Groups in Scotland entering Level 4

Regional Chairs in Scotland have been updated by us today following the Scottish First Minister’s announcement that will bring a number of areas into Level 4 from this Friday, 20 November at 6pm. If you are affected by the changes or just want to keep up to date visit www.myrda.org.uk/runningyourgroup/getting-started-after-lockdown/rules-for-scotland and read: COVID-19: What it means to groups in Scotland for all the details.


Vacancy: Regional Chair West & Central Scotland

Kate Bennet will be stepping down as Regional Chair for West & Central Scotland after nine successful years in post, and we are now looking for her replacement.  This is a fantastic opportunity to bring your knowledge, experience and professionalism to a key role in RDA UK, so please get in touch to find out more. We also have vacancies for Regional Chairs in Greater London and South West. Contact Faye McKenning in the office (fmckenning@rda.org.uk) if you would like to find out more about these roles – or any other RDA UK volunteer positions currently vacant.


New look Operations Team at National Office

As you will have seen from the staff phone list sent out on 14 October (you’ll remember that, it was the email that went on for ages), there have been changes to the structure of the Operations team at National Office. A presentation explaining the changes was given to the recent Operations Planning Committee and at the Regional Chairs meeting, and you can find a copy of this here:www.myrda.org.uk/new-look-operations-team-at-national-office-changes-explained/


Best wishes and stay safe,


Caroline Ward
Head of Communication & Insight, RDA UK
01926 405968

18 November 2020Covid-19 Update: Equestrian Guidance 17.11.20

🚨 Covid-19 Update: Equestrian Guidance 17.11.20 🚨 

Yesterday, the First Minister announced the results of the latest review of COVID-19 protection levels in Scotland.

Many Local Authorities will remain at their current level and you can check which level applies by using the Scottish Government post code checker ⤵️


🔹Two Local Authorities, East Lothian and Midlothian will move from level 3 to level 2 from next Tuesday, 24 November.
🔹Eleven areas will move into level 4 restrictions from 6pm on Friday 20 November through to 11 December.  These are:  the City of Glasgow, Renfrewshire, East Renfrewshire, East Dunbartonshire, West Dunbartonshire, North Lanarkshire, South Lanarkshire, East Ayrshire, South Ayrshire, Stirling and West Lothian.
🔹Travel restrictions are being put into law to limit travel for people who live in a Level 3 or Level 4 Local Authority area and we expect to have further detail on these restrictions within the next few days. 🔹There are some exemptions within sport around Under 18's being able to travel to take part in training and competition and for coaches and officials being able to travel for work. Further information included in the attached guidance.
Business Support 🔗

In addition to the UK furlough scheme, all businesses that are required to close, at any level, are eligible for a four weekly grant of £2,000 or £3,000, depending on rateable value. Grants of £1,400 or £2,100 may be available to businesses that are open, but subject to trading restrictions.
Further information on Business Support can be found at https://findbusinesssupport.gov.scot/service/funding/strategic-framework-business-fun
The Scottish Government has confirmed that more details of additional support funds will be made available shortly.

You can download the full high resolution info graphic below by clicking this link ⤵️


You can access the full equestrian guidance update from 17/11/2020 by clicking this link ⤵️


Grant Turnbull
horsescotland Chair

Please share across your networks ⚠️ 

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10 November 2020Horse Scotland Announcement on Equestrian Guidance 10/11/20

🚨 10/11/20 Announcement on Equestrian Guidance🚨

Today saw the first review announcement from the First Minister of the Local Authority levels of the Strategic Framework that's now in place,  this sees Fife, Perth & Kinross and Angus move to Level 3. Please see the attached document for the full report.  

All equestrian activity now taking place in any of these Local Authority areas should refer to our approved Equestrian Guidance for implications that the move from Level 2 to Level 3 will have. The changes take effect from 6am on Friday 13th November. 

We also attached the guidance document and info graphic for reference.

The Scottish Government also announced its Business Strategic Framework. To check if you are eligible for business support if your business is restricted or closed due to the level it's placed within, please check here: ⤵️


You can download the full high resolution info graphic below by clicking this link ⤵️


You can access the full equestrian guidance update from 02/11/2020 by clicking this link ⤵️


Grant Turnbull
horsescotland Chair

Please share across your networks ⚠️ 

#equestrianguidance #COVID19 #horsescotland




09 November 2020Ecclesiastical 12 Days of Giving

Please vote for your chosen RDA group. 

12 days of giving
Today we’re launching this year’s 12 days of giving. We’re proud to be giving back to the communities we serve and championing the issues that really matter to them, especially this year with so many in need – working together to build a movement for good.

Just imagine what you could do with a £1,000 donation.

Designed to give eligible charities* in the UK, Republic of Ireland, Channel Islands and Isle of Man the financial assistance they need to help them make a real difference, we’re donating £1,000 to 10 charities each weekday from 7 – 22 December. That’s £120,000 to 120 charities over 12 days. 

All you need to do is visit movementforgood.com/12days and click ‘nominate a charity now’.

Each draw will close at midnight the day before, with all nominations rolled over to the next available draw unless the charity is drawn. 

The more nominations a charity gets, the greater its chance of receiving a £1,000 donation, so start spreading the word to your friends and family.

09 November 20202020 RDA UK AGM

On Friday our President, HRH The Princess Royal, chaired the 2020 RDA UK AGM and announced a number of award winners.  For Edinburgh & Borders Region there were two notable achievements.  Many congratulations to:


Lesley Furnell from Shiresmill Riding Therapy who was virtually presented with her President's Award.  In 2020, Lesley was one of eight people recognised with the award for her outstanding service to RDA and had a private audience with HRH.  Whilst one should never repeat what one discusses - here is a little quote and a picture from Lesley:


'I had such a lovely day today seeing and catching up with others, and also of course meeting HRH, who was her usual down to earth amazing self. Thank you to whoever proposed me, but on behalf of all the wonderful people I work with. Thank you.'  


Ettrickbridge & Dryden Group were awarded a Highly Commended in the Brilliant Group Category for their Horsey Homework.  To put this into context, the only other group to achieve formal recognition were the winners in this category, Equipower from West & Central: a Scottish one-two!  Many congratulations to Equipower. 


If you would like to view the AGM and the film clips of the award winners, please click here to access the RDA YouTube channel.


Lesley with her President's Award

03 November 2020RDA UK Update 2 November

RDA UK Update 2 November

To RDA Group contacts & Chairs, RDA UK staff and volunteers

Following the UK Government announcement on Saturday, we have the following information to share with you:

RDA Groups in England

Unless any new information or exemptions are announced, all RDA groups in England will have to close from this Thursday 5 November. We expect this closure to remain in place for at least the next 4 weeks.

As before, staff and/or volunteers are still allowed to travel and be on site to take care of horses, as long as COVID safety measures and social distancing rules are followed.

We are looking into the financial assistance being offered by the government and will update you as soon as we have clarity on this.

This will be a major setback for many of you, particularly those who have found ways to restart activities. Please contact RDA National Office or your Regional team if you have immediate concerns about your group as a result of this new lockdown. We will be doing everything we can to support all our groups through this.

RDA Groups in Scotland

The new 5-tier system begins in Scotland today. Please check local restrictions and visitwww.myrda.org.uk/runningyourgroup/getting-started-after-lockdown/rules-for-scotland/ to find out how this affects RDA activity.

RDA Groups in Wales

There is no new guidance for Wales, which is already operating within lockdown restrictions. Current restrictions are due to be lifted on 9 November.

RDA Groups in Northern Ireland

There is no change to our guidance for groups in Northern Ireland.

03 November 2020Further statement from horsescotland Chair, Grant Turnbull

🚨Further statement from horsescotland Chair, Grant Turnbull🚨

In advance of commenting, please read and digest fully...

Thank you for your tremendous support following the issuing of our revised Equestrian Guidance yesterday.
Within the past 24 hours a number of anomalies have arisen, particularly around the travel guidance issued by sportscotland.  As an organisation, we have identified and highlighted these anomalies to sportscotland today and sought clarification within an equestrian context.  The main point of clarification, so far, is as follows:
Travel should be restricted, for sport, exercise, training and competition purposes, to your own Local Authority area, or within a 5 mile radius of your Local Authority boundary if travelling into a neighbouring Local Authority area - please note, the five mile distance is now not from your home, as was recommended yesterday, but you should still not travel between restriction levels.

The recommendation not to travel between Levels 0, 1, 2 and 3 for sport, exercise, training or competition remains in place, at this point in time.

Please note the guidance for  Under 18's has not changed. They can continue to travel across Levels 0-3 for exercise, training and competition. Parents or carers can drive and accompany, but not participate.

Member Bodies, venues, coaches and participants should continue to follow our Approved Equestrian Guidance and therefore demonstrate the commitment of our community to mitigating transmission of the virus - by being able to demonstrate this, we are in a much stronger position to seek further relaxation measures specific to equestrian activity for the future.

horsescotland continues to engage with sportscotland, Active Scotland and Scottish Government on behalf of our Member Bodies, venues, coaches and participants to highlight the significant issues faced across Scotland due to the geographical distribution of our competition and training venues.  We continue to work on your behalf with the aim of obtaining approval for further relaxation of the onerous travel restrictions imposed through general population guidance.  We are not miracle workers, and the channels allowing change sometimes need oiling and warming up before the best outcome can be achieved.  

Anomalies will inevitably arise, we've seen that throughout the past few months, but please bear with us. We are working collectively for the Scottish equestrian community and your patience and understanding is very much appreciated at a time when guidance is new, fresh and untested.  

Like it or loathe it, I'm afraid we do have to work with Government guidance - but this does not mean it cannot be challenged...

Remember you can check your Local Authority level by inputting your postcode here  ⤵️


To download the full Equestrian Specific Guidance please follow the link below ⤵️ 


Grant Turnbull
horsescotland Chair

#horsescotland #equestrianguidance #COVID19 #staysafe #stepatatime #equestrian #sport

02 November 2020Chuff's Christmas Virtual Fair

GUEST BRANDS - Chuff's Christmas Virtual Fair

This is Chuffs 31st Christmas Fair but our 1st Virtual Fair!  Welcome to the ‘New Normal’! Enjoy an online shopping extravaganza this Christmas. 10% of your sales will be donated to Riding for the Disabled Association in Scotland.

Click here to visit 


02 November 2020Scottish Government Update & Revised Equestrian Guidance 02/11/20

🚨 Scottish Government Update & Revised Equestrian Guidance 02/11/20 🚨

Following the implementation today of the Scottish Government's new levelled system, we are pleased that, as a non contact outdoor sport, most equestrian activity including recreational riding and professional coaching may continue. Unfortunately, however, there are limitations for adult (over 18's) competition as a result of the travel guidance to the general public..

Without doubt, the main frustration comes from the travel restrictions implemented by the First Minister.  These have been introduced across the levelled system and impose travel limits to, from and within Levels 0-4.  We are fully aware that this will impact significantly on many equestrian businesses.  The restrictions are uniform across all sporting activity, but with some exemptions for performance level athletes.

In summary, the current Scottish Government travel guidance is:

🔹You should avoid travel to other areas regardless of their level, unless essential.
🔹For exercise/sport, there are exemptions, however these are very limited:
🔹U18s – can travel freely for exercise at Levels 0-3 but should not travel in or out of a Level 4 area.  🔹Parents/carers may drive and accompany U18's to their activity but should not participate.
🔹You can travel freely for exercise within your own Local Authority area.
🔹Level 0, 1, or 2 areas - you should minimise unnecessary journeys between areas in different levels and avoid any unnecessary travel to places in Level 3 or Level 4 areas.
🔹At Level 3 – you are permitted to travel around 5 miles outwith your own Local Authority area for exercise but shouldn’t go into a Level 4 area.
🔹At Level 4 – you are not permitted to drive outside your Local Authority area for exercise – but are permitted to cross boundaries in the process of exercising eg. a circular riding/walking/cycling route
🔹Anyone organising events for U18's can continue to do so across Levels 0-3.

Professional coaching may continue where the coach undertakes essential travel as part of their employment.  A professional coach may travel between Levels 0-3 to undertake coaching sessions, but a participant receiving coaching must remain within the above travel parameters.

We appreciate the impact this will have on all of our Scottish centres and participants and we continue to work very hard on your behalf by feeding into Sportscotland, Active Scotland and Scottish Government, often collectively with other sports but also to represent specific issues identified within equestrian activity.  

Each Local Authority level will be reviewed weekly, with the first review being on the 12th November 2020.  

You can check your Local Authority level by inputting your postcode here  ⤵️


To download the full Equestrian Specific Guidance please follow the link below ⤵️ 


Grant Turnbull
horsescotland Chair

#horsescotland #equestrianguidance #COVID19 #staysafe #stepatatime #equestrian #sport

28 October 2020National Office Update

National Office Update 

Dear RDA UK staff and volunteers,

I know. Another week has gone by. I can barely believe it myself.


Watch the RDA AGM & Awards live on You Tube

The RDA AGM & Awards will be broadcast live on YouTube from 10:30 on Friday 6 November. Simply head to our YouTube channel at www.youtube.com/rdanational . I will be in charge of IT and ‘button pressing’ so hopefully there will be no technical hitches. You might want to tune in just to see if it works ok! Those attending and taking part in the meeting on Zoom (including all Regional Chairs) will be sent the link and instructions separately.


Report into activity levels

The report following the survey into current activity levels is now complete and can be downloaded or viewed at www.myrda.org.uk/assets/RDA-Activity-Levels-Report.pdf. By the end of this week I will be issuing a press release about the report and it will be on the main RDA website in our news section. The report makes several recommendations about how we, as RDA UK volunteers and staff, might respond to the challenge of helping groups increase activity levels, and we will be following up with our plans to do this in the coming weeks.


Vacancy: Great London Regional Chair

Mike Locke has done a fantastic job as Regional Chair for Greater London (thank you Mike), and he is now stepping down. We are looking within our RDA community for his replacement, so please do get in touch with Faye McKenning in the office (fmckenning@rda.org.uk) if you would like to find out more about the role – or any other RDA UK volunteer positions currently vacant.


Clare Balding’s new book – an opportunity for groups and regions

Clare Balding’s new book, Heroic Animals, is now out, and she is keen to support RDA groups through the book if possible. We have come up with a plan which I will be sharing with groups tomorrow – but if regions want to get involved as well please let me know.

The idea is that groups buy the books they want (currently on Amazon for £13.60 and in Sainsbury’s for £10 – rrp £20), then they can request a bookplate, signed by Clare to add to the book. The signed books can then be used for fundraising, raffles etc (depending on how popular this is, we should be able to arrange personal dedications).

At the moment, I’m just asking for an initial show of interest from groups so I can work out how to coordinate it. If regions want to get involved too, a single point of contact to coordinate would be helpful.


Best wishes,


Caroline Ward
Head of Communication & Insight, RDA UK
01926 405968

07 October 2020Update From Horse Scotland

🚨 Updated Equestrian Phase Guidance 7th October 🚨 

Dear All,

On 7th October 2020 the First Minister made a statement to Scottish Parliament to set-out a tightening of coronavirus-related restrictions, especially in five NHS areas in response to an increase in the rate of spread of the virus.

The key points announced today were:

The primary measures impacting on sport are regional in their reach, covering the following NHS Health Boards and local authorities; NHS Ayrshire & Arran (North, South and East Ayrshire local authority areas), NHS Greater Glasgow & Clyde (Glasgow, East and West Dunbartonshire, Renfrewshire and East Renfrewshire, and Inverclyde local authority areas), NHS Lanarkshire (North and South Lanarkshire local authority areas), NHS Forth Valley (Clackmannanshire, Stirling and Falkirk local authority areas) and NHS Lothian (Edinburgh, East, West and Mid-Lothian local authority areas).

The temporary measures being introduced in these areas are:

🔹Adult (18+) outdoor contact sport is not allowed, with an exemption for performance sport as defined in the Resumption of performance sport guidance. (Indoor adult contact sport continues to be prohibited across the country.)

🔹Adult (18+) indoor group exercise activities are not allowed. (Adult group activity for the purposes of this guidance is activity, involving adults, from more than 2 households / 6 members of those households who take part in an activity on any one day.)  

🔹Snooker / pool halls and indoor bowling alleys are required to close.

🔹Travel: Asking people to avoid public transport unless necessary (e.g. work or school). Advised to avoid (but not prohibited from) travelling outside your health board area if you don’t need to. For those living outside this region, they are advised not to travel into the region if you don’t need to. However, this is advice not mandatory and people are not required to cancel half-term breaks they have planned.

Outdoor adult non-contact group exercise and indoor adult individual exercise can continue in line with current SGB and operator guidance.

There is no change to sport and physical activity guidance for under 18s.

Those who were in the shielding group have not been asked to return to shielding but are being advised to take extra care, especially in the central belt, following the rise in cases.

Please find attached our guidance which sets out further details of the above key points

Grant Turnbull
horsescotland Chair-- 

To download the full guidance document please click the link below ⤵️


30 September 2020National Office Update

Dear RDA UK staff and volunteers,

Starting with some sad news. This last month saw the passing of two RDA ‘greats’, Sister Chiara Hatton-Hall and Miss Liz Dendy.

Sister Chiara was one of our founders, attending the very first meeting of the ‘Advisory Council for Riding for the Disabled’ that the BHS set up in April 1964.  She was the first Chair of the Training Committee and created much of what we now recognise as the basis of our excellent Coaching support.  She helped to set up FRDI (which became HETI and brings together RDA-type organisations around the world) and was respected across the globe. 

Liz Dendy was Chair of RDA in the 1990s, skilfully steering us through the transition towards Federation, which many of you will remember. She was instrumental in setting up the International Paralympic Committee, and was a champion for disability sport worldwide.

We owe them a huge debt of gratitude and our thoughts are with their families.


Phone system

Next Monday there will be a new phone system at National Office (the phone numbers will stay the same). The set-up is being done this Friday, so if you need to contact the office after 2pm on Friday please email groupsupport@rda.org.uk or call 07599 236036.


AGM and Voting

FYI, groups will be sent their voting papers next week, ahead of the AGM on 6 November, which will take place virtually. Any help you can provide to encourage groups to complete and return their votes ahead of time is greatly appreciated.


Government Kickstart Scheme

Tomorrow we will be letting groups know about the Kickstart Scheme, which pays the costs for young people who are currently on Universal Credit and at risk of long-term unemployment to be employed part time for 6 months. We are considering acting as a consortium lead for RDA groups who might want to take up this opportunity, and are asking for initial shows of interest. You can find more info here, so please encourage groups to get involved if you think they might benefit: www.myrda.org.uk/government-kickstart-scheme/


New Coaching Lead and RPO

Congratulations to Karen Thompson on her new role as National Coaching Lead. Karen replaces Sue Adams-Wheeler, who has stepped down after 9 years in post. Sue led on many changes in coaching, including the new Coaching Pathway and we are hugely grateful for her leadership and experience throughout her time in the role. Karen runs Kesteven Rideability in the North Midlands, and is County Coach and Regional Dressage Rep for North Midlands. 

We also welcome Eliza Ritchie as the new Regional Publicity Officer (RPO) for West & Central Scotland. Thanks Eliza, I know Kate Bennet and the rest of the team are delighted to have you on board.


Survey About Activity Levels and Closure

I’ll be closing this survey at the end of this week, so please urge groups in your areas to take part if they haven’t already. www.surveymonkey.co.uk/r/RDAActivityLevels


Virtual Windsor

If any riders or groups are looking for the results from the Virtual Windsor RDA Dressage Challenge, please direct them here: virtual.rwhs.co.uk/results/ . The overall winner, Elise Coubrough, and the highest placed in each grade will share in the £1,000 worth of vouchers kindly donated by Wychanger Saddlery. Many thanks to RDA Dressage Lead, John Robinson, for judging and commentating on the day.


BBC Sports Personality of the Year – Unsung Hero Awards and Colin Spedding Award

Nominations are open for BBC SPOTY, which this year also features the ‘Captain Tom Young Unsung Hero’ award. More information and entry details here: www.bbc.co.uk/sport/get-inspired/27037119

The National Equine Forum has introduced a special Sir Colin Spedding COVID-19 Award to ‘celebrate those who have gone above and beyond during a very difficult year’. Nominations close on Friday 16 October at www.nationalequineforum.com/nominations/


Best wishes,


Caroline Ward
Head of Communication & Insight, RDA UK
01926 405968







28 September 2020Love Your Horse Month at Harbro


October is LOVE YOUR HORSE month at Harbro, and we are DELIGHTED to launch this with a commitment to donate 50p to Riding for the Disabled Association (RDA) for every bag of Harbro Horse feed bought in store during the month.

Head instore and show your support for the fantastic work of the RDA this October at Harbro.

19 September 2020RDA UK Update 17 September

RDA UK Update 17 September

This bulletin contains:

Survey about activity levels/closure

Ed Bracher Webinar

COVID-19 updates

Microchipping deadlines

Brilliant person award

Last email bulletin

Group survey into activity levels

We’d be grateful for 5 minutes of your time to complete our questionnaire into activity levels and continued group closures. All groups can take part, but ideally just one submission per group please. The aim of the survey is two-fold: to give us a snapshot of participant activity across the organisation, and to ensure we have a complete picture of the various factors that are making it difficult for other groups to start back. Both of these will help us provide better support to groups and provide useful information for the wider equestrian, sport and volunteer sectors.

Please choose who will fill it in from your group (the questions are straightforward but you’ll need a working knowledge of activities on site or decision-making at your group). The link for the survey is: www.surveymonkey.co.uk/r/RDAActivityLevels

It opens today and will close at the end of the month. Thank you.

RDA Chief Executive Webinar

A reminder to sign up for the latest webinar from Chief Executive Ed Bracher, which takes place on Friday at 2pm.  Ed will be talking about the very different place RDA is in compared to a usual September, and how RDA is preparing for the challenges ahead.

You sign up to watch live at https://us02web.zoom.us/webinar/register/WN_pX-QsVt4QnaqCOnyMWE80w  or watch the recording afterwards.

COVID-19 Updates

Since our last bulletin there have been changes to the general guidance with the introduction of the rule of six in both Scotland and Wales.  This does not change any restrictions to our activities. This is detailed in the latest update at the top of the Getting Started After Lockdown page.

Microchipping Deadlines

There are a number of microchipping deadlines looming that you need to be aware of. From these dates it will be mandatory for all horses, ponies and donkeys to be microchipped:

England: 1 October 2020
Scotland: 28 March 2021
Wales: 12 February 2021

There is currently no deadline for Northern Ireland.

Comprehensive information is available viaBritish Equestrian. If you have any queries, please contact your Regional Equine Advisor, Regional Vet, contact details available here, or Emma Bayliss ebayliss@rda.org.uk.

Brilliant Person Award and #RDAShoutOuts

Entries are streaming in for our Brilliant Person Award, which will be presented on AGM day, 6 November. Nominations are welcome until 2 October from around the organisation so please share the link with your whole team:www.surveymonkey.co.uk/r/9L6QD99

Those of you on Twitter following @RDAnational will be spotting our daily #RDAShoutOuts. Keep your suggestions coming in (even if you’re not on Twitter yourself), by emailing cward@rda.org.ukor DM on Twitter.

Last email bulletin

Since lockdown, we have been updating you with these email bulletins to keep you informed in a timely manner during this fast changing situation. We have tried to keep these emails as concise and relevant as possible throughout this period.

As we all know, the crisis is by no means over, but the pace of change has slowed (at least for the time being), and the type of information groups need has changed depending on their ability to restart.

From next week, we will be replacing these bulletins with a weekly email, issued on Thursdays, to keep all groups up to date with news from RDA UK.

Alert bulletins will only be issued if situations arise that need immediate action.

As you know, we update our guidance on MyRDA as soon as possible after any change in government (and devolved government) advice. This will continue to be the best place to go to for groups returning to activity and looking for guidance on best practice and new ideas.


15 September 2020RDA Activities & The Rule of Six

RDA activities are unaffected by the rule of six as confirmed by Horse Scotland (part of Sportscotland) on the 14th Sep 20. 

The link below will take you to the complete document on MyRDA which is updated by the NO team as soon as information is received. 


The two key points are:

Each group should nominate a Covid Officer.  Many of you are already a good way down the road to completing all the necessary tasks.  There is guidance on the role provided on MyRDA, Getting Started. 

The dispensation from SportScotland, provided for a participant with a disability who required functional support (I read this to be mounting/dismounting etc) to enable their participation in physical activity and sport can be provided without maintaining physical distancing but additional mitigating actions (masks, gloves, avoiding eye contact, minimum contact etc) must be implemented.

Please do keep checking MyRDA, Getting Started as it is being regularly updated 

14 September 2020Seth's Picnic Story

 Seth, an 8-year-old rider from Tweeddale Rideability Group wrote this story about the groups 50th Anniversary picnic ride last year.

The cake he mentions in the story was made by one of the parents who is also a trustee and has edible models of each of our horses! 


View All Stories

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